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Entry Alternative

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Nov. 14th, 2007 | 08:43 pm
posted by: missmarypotter in thefirstsign

A new alternative entry feature has been added to the Celestial Celebrations Contest:

NEW!!! By Proxy Participation:
Contestants who can't afford postage may be permitted to submit their names by means of a Proxy entry. In basic terms, if you have an USA RESIDENT online buddy you trust, they can submit a postcard/greeting card for you. The information they submit must be as real as if it were your own to win a prize, if your name is drawn, so please be sure to that your Proxy contest entry representative includes your real email address for prize winning confirmation. Rule holds true, only one entry per person, but a friend could enter for you if you can't send your own in.

I hope this helps people who can't mail them in because it costs them an arm and a leg to mail a postcard overseas. I want to be accommodating to everyone I can. I cannot accept email entries. I did it this way to avoid my email being loaded up with spam, and people's entry getting lost in my bulk file that gets automatically deleted. Thank you all who want to enter and are doing so! Cheers!
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