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The Official Mercury Brightman™ Series Community
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The Official Mercury Brightman™ Series Community

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Welcome to the LiveJournal Community for Mercury Brightman™ Fans.
Unlike maryellengober this is where you get to communicate with one another about the book. Parental Advisory Letter from The Author Also visit persephica's diary.

The rules are simple:
1. No spam. No pornography. No profanity. No shameless plugs. No attacks may be made against one another. No flaming.

2. Topic is the Mercury Brightman™ Series, please stick to the topic.

3. LJ CUT any and all spoilers. Spoilers are any element that could ruin the book for someone if they don't know what happens. ANYTHING TO DO WITH ENDINGS, anything in the last 5 chapters of any book, SHOULD BE CUT.

Now visit the online forum community: The Celsius Forums